KG Engineering


Forensic Engineering

Established in 2013, KG Engineering is a comprehensive resource for forensic engineering and litigation services.

We work with the insurance industry, legal professionals, contractors, building owners, and risk management specialists to provide timely investigative support. We pride ourselves on reporting facts and providing opinions, without bias, based on physical evidence while controlling soaring claims and settlement costs.

Services and Capabilities:

  • Roof
  • Wind/Hail 
  • Water/Mold 
  • Flood 
  • Explosion 
  • Fire 
  • Earthquake/ Seismic
  • Ground Movement 
  • Construction Defect 
  • Structural Collapse 
  • Vehicle impact 
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Plumbing/ Mechanical

Our licensed engineers evaluate roof damage to determine if it is related to storm damage (wind, hail, etc.), improper installation, lack of maintenance, damage enhancement, end of useful life of materials or other contributing factors.

Having inspected thousands of roofs, kg Engineering has in-depth knowledge of roofing system and roofing surfacing; from low-slope roofs to shingles and tiles, our engineers know the difference between damage, defects, and age-related failures. Our engineers inspect attic spaces for further clues to a roof’s condition, construction and leak history.

Water infiltration can lead to mold growth, and can compromise the structural integrity of a building, leading to eventual failure. Moisture intrusion investigation is of the utmost importance for building envelope, which includes the roof system and exterior walls, be provided proper water control and management systems in order to prevent water infiltration and accumulation.

KG Engineering performs cause and origination of moisture damage i.e. a weather event, ground water, air conditioning system, plumbing, improper ventilation, condensation, construction defects or a long-term maintenance issue. KG Engineering supplies highly-qualified and experienced team of waterproofing experts work closely with owners, developers, contractors, and design professional to advise on waterproofing systems and solutions.

KG Engineering has many years of experience in structural design and construction in Texas and neighboring states. We bring a tremendous breadth of forensics experience to bear on structural damage investigations. From design defects, to floor deflection, and foundation movement, our team of seasoned engineers is uniquely qualified to evaluate and diagnose structural issues.

KG Engineering is knowledgeable in a broad range of construction issues, including design defects, product specification, and code compliance. From stucco failures to truss defects, our expert forensics engineers are qualified to examine and evaluate construction-related issues.

Litigation Services

The legal community identifies engineers as experts based on education, scientific training, and experience. Clients depend on KG Engineering for experienced experts to offer testimony and trial exhibits in a comprehensible manner. We conduct case reviews to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a given case. 

If a case is in litigation, we assist in educating the client as to the technical matters involved in the case and in preparing for the examination of opposing experts and witnesses.
We specialize in various building claims, including assessing construction quality, identifying construction defects, and assessing the cause/origination of storm-related damage.

KG Engineering provides the following Litigation Services:

  • Insurance dispute analysis
  • Construction defect analysis
  • Expert engineering witness testimony
  • Damage assessment investigations
  • Report review and report rebuttal services

Inspection Services

We perform Residential and Commercial inspection services for new construction and existing buildings. We offer visual inspection of all visible components from the foundation to the roof. 

Our highly skilled staff has the knowledge to effectively assess the conditions of the property and render and engineering opinion on the performance of the observed systems.

KG Engineering provides the following Inspection Services:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Construction Phase Inspection
  • Structural/Foundation Inspection
  • Windstorm Certification Inspection
  • Swimming Pool Inspection
  • Community Association Inspection

Structural Design & Consultation

KG Engineering provides comprehensive design engineering and structural consulting services for building renovations, upgrades and new construction. Our services are focused on sound principles of design that offer our clients cost savings, improved quality, and improved performance.

Our structural design service expertise focuses on these areas:

  • Preliminary concept review and discussions
  • Modifications for existing structures
  • Construction management and observation
  • Construction monitoring for new construction or remodeling

Shoring & Scaffold Engineering

KG Engineering provides Shoring and Scaffold engineering for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We design and review shoring and scaffolding systems in accordance with OSHA and ANSI regulations. Our vast experience with these systems spreads across operations of all sizes. 

We have experience with many manufacturers and can run calculations on proprietary systems to address your specific needs. We work in wood, tube steel, and aluminum framing. We understand tight deadlines; therefore, our speed in the delivery of design and structural review is second to none.

Building Envelope Consultation

Our Building Envelope investigation and inspection services include determining the effectiveness of specified building envelope.

The inspection of system components for the building envelope include:

  • Drainage planes
  • Flashings and metal flashings
  • Walls above roof level and above grade
  • Equipment (to determine watertightness)
  • Building Penetrations

Siding and stucco failure tends to occur from improper installation or lack of maintenance, such as adequately sealing around windows and doors. Many stucco clad homes built in the last two decades have revealed significant moisture problems. Moisture damage can easily go unnoticed until significant structural damage has occurred.

Infrared testing is a non-invasive process for identifying areas where moisture may have infiltrated the roofing assembly. The infrared camera captures the thermal image of the roof system which may identify areas of moisture infiltration. Infrared surveys can often identify moisture in the roof membrane before it becomes a major problem.

The air barrier can improve heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system performance, increase occupant comfort, and perhaps most importantly, reduce energy consumption. We examine the building exterior to identify areas where air is leaking through the building envelope, especially at windows, doors, and other penetrations.