KG Engineering


Since 2013 KG Engineering has successfully delivered consulting and forensic engineering services to a broad range of clients locally and nationally. Our staff has over half a century of combined professional engineering experience, having performed inspections, design, and consulting services on thousands of buildings.

We hold Engineering Licenses in many states and maintain NCEES records allowing us to promptly obtain professional engineering licenses in multiple states. The combined expertise of our team ensures your project gets the attention, skill, and enthusiasm it deserves.

Kifle Gulilat, P.E.

Visionary Owner and Forensic Engineering Expert

As the owner and Principal Engineer, Mr. Gulilat is a stalwart force in the world of forensic engineering. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, with a focus on Structural Engineering from Texas Tech University. Building on this foundation, he further honed his skills, earning a Master of Science in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Structural Engineering from the University of Texas San Antonio.

His commitment to advancing structural resilience is evident in his role as the author of “Cost Effective Hazard Mitigation Strategies for Residential Buildings.” This publication delves into innovative strategies to fortify structures against the formidable forces of hurricanes, particularly wind and flood forces.

With nearly two decades of hands-on experience, Mr. Gulilat is a seasoned professional in structural design, building inspections, and construction management services. His expertise extends to Forensic Engineering, where he has conducted over 3000 property damage investigations. His insights have proven invaluable in legal settings, providing expert testimonies in depositions and trials.

Beyond the realm of engineering, Mr. Gulilat finds joy in various pursuits. Whether spending quality time with his family, engaging in real estate investing, exploring new destinations through travel, or enjoying the simple pleasure of riding bicycles, he brings the same passion and dedication to every aspect of his life. His multifaceted expertise and commitment to excellence position him as a leader in both the professional and personal spheres.

Tim Bentley

Windstorm Engineering and Waterproofing Expert

With over two decades of engineering expertise, Mr. Bentley stands as a seasoned professional in the field, recognized for his outstanding contributions as a licensed Windstorm Engineer. Approved by the Texas Department of Insurance to engineer, design, and inspect both commercial and residential structures, Mr. Bentley has become a trusted authority in ensuring compliance with insurance standards.

Mr. Bentley holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Kennesaw State University, showcasing a solid academic foundation that underpins his practical experience. Additionally, he has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Construction Management from Kennesaw State University, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of both the technical and managerial aspects of the construction industry.

His extensive experience includes conducting thorough windstorm inspections, not only to meet insurance requirements but also to provide comprehensive wind damage assessments. Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Bentley has been instrumental in investigating property damage caused by major hurricanes.

In addition to his proficiency in windstorm engineering, Mr. Bentley is renowned as a waterproofing expert. His meticulous approach involves reviewing flashing details, scrutinizing joint sealant specifications, and evaluating various above and below-grade waterproofing materials for their suitability and completeness of application. Recognizing the critical importance of waterproofing in construction, he goes beyond inspections to offer solutions for overlooked or improperly designed waterproofing details.

Travis Hughes, P.E.

Seasoned Forensic Civil/Structural Engineer

Mr. Travis Hughes has nearly two decades of invaluable experience specializing in building inspections. His expertise is focused on providing professional engineering services as a forensic Civil/Structural Engineer, where he meticulously analyzes the cause, origin, and extent of damage to both residential and commercial buildings.

He has become a go-to expert in the industry. His geographical reach extends across the south and southeastern United States, where he conducts thorough investigations into the cause and origination of property damage. Having undertaken several hundred property damage assessments, Mr. Hughes is known for offering solid professional opinions that shed light on the intricacies of property damage.

Mr. Hughes’s commitment to precision and his ability to unravel complex engineering challenges make him a sought-after professional in the field. His wealth of experience positions him as a trusted authority, and his dedication to uncovering the cause and origin of property damage underscores his significance in the realm of forensic engineering.

Brandon Cury

Dedicated Engineer and Building Inspector

Mr. Brandon Cury, a skilled inspector with a degree in Civil Engineering, stands at the forefront of wind damage assessment and property damage investigation for homeowners and contractors. His expertise spans a wide range of property issues, from moisture damage to foundation issues and the aftermath of hurricanes.

With a focus on residential building inspections, Mr. Cury has addressed numerous challenges in assessing the extent of property damage. His keen eye and systematic approach have made him a trusted professional in unraveling the complexities of issues arising from various sources.

In addition to his inspection prowess, Mr. Cury plays a crucial role in the construction process. He conducts thorough reviews of plans and specifications for new constructions, renovations, and repairs. His objective is to evaluate the effectiveness of construction methodologies and identify areas for improvement. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for ensuring structural integrity, Mr. Cury continues to make significant contributions to the field of Civil Engineering. His multifaceted skills and dedication to solving construction challenges position him as a reliable professional in the industry.

Bryan Anderson

Senior Building Inspector

Mr. Anderson is a seasoned inspector renowned for his expertise in wind damage assessment and property damage investigation, catering to both homeowners and contractors. With a specialization in roofing and building cladding inspections, Mr. Anderson has become a go-to authority in addressing the intricacies of construction installation and collaboration with contractors.

Throughout his distinguished career, Mr. Anderson has conducted numerous residential building inspections, meticulously assessing the extent of property damage. Specifically, he has inspected thousands of buildings for compliance with Texas Department of Insurance windstorm certification. His keen eye and comprehensive approach allow him to identify issues arising from construction activities, providing effective and practical solutions to remedy building quality control inspections.

Mr. Anderson’s dedication to excellence and his wealth of experience position him as a visionary in the realm of wind damage assessment and building inspection.